Over Tile

HYPERDESMO® T is a 100% aliphatic, transparent polyurethane liquid, which cures with the humidity in the atmosphere. It produces an elastic, highly durable, highly hydrophobic membrane with excellent UV resistance.

For a non-slip surface silca sand can be broadcast into the first coat of product.

Features and Benefits:
• No thinning is required but SOLVENT-01 may be used.
• Excellent weather and UV resistance.
• Excellent thermal resistance, the product never turns soft. Max service temperature 80 oC, max shock temperature 200 oC.
• Resistance to cold: The film remains elastic even down to -40 oC.
• Excellent mechanical properties.
• Good chemical resistance.
• Water vapor transmission.
• Can also be applied in thick, bubble-free, coats.

Exclusive to Alchimica

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