IBR & Boarded Roofs/ Asbestos Encapsulation / Box Gutter

Microsealer 50 used as a rust inhibitor and primer,
HYPERDESMO®- HAA for waterproofing and sealing,
HYPERDESMO® ADYE for UV stability.

Features & Benefits

  • Fast curing: skin formation time of 2 hours
  • Bubble and defect free membrane
  • No thinning required but SOLVENT-01 may be used
  • Excellent weather and UV resistance. The white colour reflects much of the solar energy and so reduces the internal temperature of buildings considerably
  • Excellent thermal resistance, the product never turns soft. Recommended  service temperature 80 oC, max shock temperature 200 oC
  • Resistance in the cold: the film remains elastic even down to -40 oC
  • Excellent mechanical properties, high tensile and tear strength, high abrasion resistance
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Moisture vapor transmission: the film breathes so there is no accumulation of humidity under the coat
  • Special primers available for almost every substrate

Exclusive to Alchimica

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