Flat Concrete Roofs

For a seamless maintenance free solution on flat concrete roofs we have a four coat system.

Hyperdesmo Flat Roof system should be applied according to manufacturers TDS.

Primer is chosen according to substrate. Microsealer 50 for porous concrete or green concrete. Geodesmo is a primer which is for same day application of Hyperdesmo HAA.

Aquasmart DUR is a epoxy based primer. Universal 2K is for application over existing waterproofing or bitumen surfaces. Waterproofing with Hyperdesmo HAA is done in two coats with a total consumption of 1.7kg/m2

Top coat of Hyperdesmo ADYE should be done to create a glossy aesthetically pleasing finish.

The system is guaranteed for 10 years.


Microsealer 50
Aquasmart DUR
Universal 2K

• Excellent Adhesion on almost any surface,
• Very Good Weather and UV Resistance,
• Very Good Thermal Resistance,
• 82% solar reflectance when topcoat is white,
• Very Good Mechanical Properties and chemical resistance,
• Water vapor transmission

Exclusive to Alchimica

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