About Us

Join the Polyurethane Revolution

ALCHIMICA is a dynamic company specializing in the development and production of specialty polyurethane materials for construction and industrial applications. For over 35 years, ALCHIMICA has successfully provided products and services to architects, engineers, home builders, contractors and building owners worldwide. Our 1 and 2 part polyurethane systems have a proven track record of high performance in numerous prestigious construction works around the world. In addition, our industrial spray coatings are trusted as industrial waterproofing and insulating solutions, even in the most demanding of cases, e.g. construction of health-sensitive water drinking reservoirs, restoration of aged buildings and waterproofing of bridge platforms.

ALCHIMICA are technological leaders by offering a whole range of special solutions and customized products in the following categories throughout the building:

• Foundations
• Wet rooms, under tile
• Balconies and terraces / patio
• Flooring Products
• Roof Waterproofing
• Water Tanks
• Car Parks
• Wooden Decks
• Skylights

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